Pastor’s Conference WOL Mindanao

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Rested & Recharged

Praise the Lord for the wonderful Pastor’s Rest & Recharge Retreat hosted at our Seaside Bible Camp in Mindanao! 108 pastors came from all over Mindanao to attend this retreat; the largest turn out of pastors at our Seaside Camp so far! Praise the Lord for the safety He gave as everyone came together and for the wonderful time of encouragement!


An Expression of Gratitude

In light of several other conferences being cancelled around Mindanao, due to the Martial Law situation, one pastor from Bukidnon expressed his appreciation to our team by saying, “Thank you so much for coming! We pastors feed our congregation be we also need to be fed ourselves!”


Building up the local pastors and churches is the heartbeat of our ministry!
Thank you for being a part of this work through your financial support and prayers!!

Intense Discipleship Graduates

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(From my left, Rodith, Lovelyn, Mica and Jerry (not in the picture))

They are volunteer workers at a church on the Island of Palawan. Every Friday, they are discipling more than 50 high school and college students. They are also doing discipleship Bible studies in six dormitories near the campus. One of their church leaders said, “Our youth ministry is growing because of the training they had with Word of Life through the Intense Discipleship Program.”

While I was there I had the opportunity to train teens and leaders on how to have an intentional discipleship relationship.

Effective Youth Ministry

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Discipleship.  Evangelism.  Training Leaders.

This week the Lord gave us opportunities to “come along side” churches to equip them be more effective in different ministries.  One area is Biblical Discipleship which we teach is a balanced approach of being highly Biblical and at the same time highly relational.  Jun said, “In our church we talked about discipleship all year long but our church was unable to provide a model to follow.  Through this training I have learned from the scriptures that there is biblical model we can follow.

Another area is Sending Teens Out to Reach the Masses (STORM) which is an evangelistic training for adults and teens to learn how to engage people with gospel. Len, a youth leader, said “through this training I realized sharing the gospel is a source of joy in the Lord.” Joan added, “I will take this concept to the next level in my church and our youth ministry.”

This training for Effective Youth Ministry was conducted with two churches in the province of Batangas.

New partners and a new generation of leaders reaching teens in their community. ​


Word of Life Philippines

Local Church Ministries

Pastors & Workers’ R&R

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It’s always a joy this time of year to have our Pastors and Worker’ Rest and Relax at Word of Life Camp and Conference Center.  The past August 8-10, we were blessed to minister to 122 Pastors and workers from 40 different churches.  Being able to provide a place for people in full time ministry to get away for some down time and encouragement in the Word of God is a great blessing.  Times such as this are great for us to strengthen our relationship with local churches and share how we can partner with them with our common goal of reaching the Philippines with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Everyone is looking forward to see each other again at our Pastor’s Conference next February.

Leadership Development Conference 2016

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Word of Life Local Church Ministries

Leadership Development Conference

We taught four new lessons regarding the “Leadership Team.”  These lessons are geared to help these leaders be more effective in engaging teens with the Word of God. Here are the four lessons:

  • How to effectively communicate the Word of God to teens
  • Strategies in reaching the next generation
  • Components of an effective youth program
  • How to keep student ministry continuing and growing

Five out of the nine churches are new to Word of Life Ministry.  Three out of the five new churches are in the process of getting the “youth ministry orientation” to start Bible club in their church!

This is what they shared with us about the conference:

I’ am encouraged to communicate the Word of God with clarity and passion” –  Chris

One way of meeting the need of teens today is to identify their spiritual need.”  –  Aira

“Be creative communicating the Word of God.” –  Faye

“I’ve learned new things in life and ministry.” –  Don

This conference refreshed my commitment, goal and passion to reach young people with the gospel.”  –  Paul

First Ever Sattelite Camp on the Island of Bohol

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First ever satellite camp on the Island of Bohol

The WOL TEAM ministered to 181 campers with 71 teens making decisions for Christ, 89 being assured of their salvation and 56 dedicating their lives to the Lord!

This is a testimony of the team leader Jonel Arcedera:
I had the opportunity to work with two young men in the kitchen for food preparation and dishwashing. During the five days of our assignment, I shared my salvation testimony and the testimony of God’s grace in my life. Rix and Marvs helped me translate my outline into the Cebuano language (the dialect of Bohol). The first message they helped me out was about “CrossOver” (“CrossOver” was the theme of the camp). The other one was a campfire message –“CrossOver” is Embracing New Values. I joked with them that since they had already heard a lot from me during our time together in the kitchen they might not be interested in listening to me at the campfire…but when the invitation was given after my message these two dedicated their lives to the Lord! Please pray for them that they will continue to grow in the Lord. Rix also learned how to share the gospel through “rope tricks.”
Jonel & disciples

Disciples making Disciples

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2 Timothy 2:2 – The things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

This verse becomes a reality in many ways through the ministry of Word of Life Philippines.

Here’s one story from our LCM Director:

I (Jonel) had the opportunity to work with Leonell as part of our Intense Discipleship Ministry (ID4ME) in 2014. Since then, he has begun his campus ministry in San Pablo City which I have been able to speak at. One of the students impacted through this ministry when I was the speaker is Willy (Pictured above). At that meeting he realized he needed a Savior. On July 4, 2014 he made a decision to accept Christ. Leonell has discipled him for a year and a half and now God has burdened his heart to learn more about impacting students with the gospel. Willy is now a part of the ID4ME 2016. He shared to us that his hope for ID4ME is to learn how to be more effective in reaching people with the gospel.

A testimony from a young man trained through the Intense Discipleship Ministry of WOL

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Hello, I’m Leonell.  I was a part of the original six disciples of the Word of Life Intense Discipleship Program. I learned new things in life and ministry. First, The Word of Life Quiet Time diary. This became a part of my life.  I began to love and meditate on God’s Word daily.  Second, was sharing my salvation testimony at church, on the sleonell 1treets and at camp.  Third, evangelism, doing drama presentations and sharing the gospel to people on the street. This was an exciting experience to see God at work!  Lastly, through this program, my personal walk with the Lord was strengthened and I have learned many ways to share my faith with others which helped developed my character.

Right now, I’m working at a campus ministry in San Pablo City reaching students of different schools in the city. What I have learned from Intense Discipleship is exactly the strategies I’ve begun doing in campus ministry.

Here’s some of the programs:

  • Campus SHOP (Student Hour Of Prayer) – We teach students how to pray.

  • Campus SHOW (Student Hour Of Worship) – A regular worship and fellowship of the students with a mini-worship service.

  • CamPUSH – We go out and share the gospel on different campuses using Open Air Evangelism techniques.  I want the students to be confident in sharing Christ with others.

I am thankful to have been a part of the WOL Intense Discipleship Program.  It really revolutionized my Christian life and I found God’s will for me.


Caroling, Cookies & the Gospel

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Caroling, Cookies & the Gospel

As Christmas carols are being sung around the world this Christmas season, our campus ministry team decided to use caroling as an opportunity for the gospel! Saturday morning, our campus team and several of the students they are discipling traveled around the Laguna area visiting 11 of the students homes.  At each home they delivered freshly baked Christmas cookies (a special thanks to our staff ladies), sang songs as a group, and introduced the students families to who we are and what we’re about. This outreach is about building relationships with the students’ families and providing an opportunity for the students to be able to talk about the gospel!

At one of the homes, the team was encouraged as they talked with the student’s family. The family had heard their nephew was getting involved with a group at school but they had been leery, not knowing what Word of Life was about. After meeting our team and other Campus Ministry students they are excited for their nephew to continue to be involved and be able to grow in his walk with the Lord!

Praise the Lord for the doors He continues to open! Please pray for the university students as they’ve now headed home for the holidays. Many are going back to unbelieving families. Pray that they will have boldness to continue talking about the gospel and how Jesus has changed their lives!